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About Our Staff

The tutors were really enthusiastic and encouraging made me feel organised and motivated.

Trainers were outstanding at what they did for me. They explained everything in detail.

Both staff as well as Crèche staff are absolutely amazing and made me feel comfy and confident.

About Our Courses

I have improved my relationship with my daughter because she liked doing arts and crafts. Now she spends more time with me and we learn from each other.
Alfredo, Messy Play

Very happy I did this class! Left every time feeling happy and positive.
Susan, Healthy Outlook

I now understand the fact that my child’s behaviour is age related. This helped immensely.
Ania, Handling Children’s Behaviour

The subjects covered were very serious and everyone there had on, but we had fun elements in amongst the tears and the hints & tips that we picked up. I looked forward to going and it was welcome support at just the right time.

Lorna, Positive Vibes

I think I have a good relationship with my children but this has been improved by spending quality time with them.
Kim, Messy Play

Everything about the course was very useful. I now feel more aware of the dangers to my child.
Debbie, 21st Century Child

I have really enjoyed meeting new people and having something to look forward to.
Gill, Healthy Outlook

These classes give you something to do with your kids which makes them happy and make me happier.
Frances, Messy Play

The course was so informative. I would not have moved on as much as I would have and am very grateful to Enterprise Training.
Jenny, 21st Century Child

The course made me realise how happy my son is to be spending time with me.
Lyndsey, Messy Play

Worth weight in gold! Really good course which helped my confidence and my child’s.
Maria, Messy Play

Had a brilliant time with the course and can’t wait to do another one with the superb Jeanette and Angela. They were amazing.
Gillian, Healthy Outlook

Really enjoyed the course. It has given me more confidence in how to deal with my daughter and be prepared as well as doing more activities with her.
Layna, Positive Vibes

I now try lots of new recipes containing fruit and veg that I would never normally have used before.
Michelle, Healthy Outlook

I’ve been aware for a while that I enjoy learning. By taking part in the ‘Speakeasy’ course I feel that it has wakened my mind up. I intend to go back to college or university to enter further my career or take up a new one.
Josie, Speakeasy