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A fantastical yoga journey for 3 to 12 year olds

YogaBelliesKidz are aimed at nursery and school children. YogaBelliesKidz sessions are written in line with the UK National Curriculum for Excellence and can see children journey through space, dive deep in the depths of the ocean, meet the Romans, meet exotic jungle animals and much, much more!

These sessions are active and interactive with a typical session involving movement, music, mime and relaxation, instilling an early interest in personal health and wellbeing and teaching children to proactively deal with stressful situations in a positive way.


YogaBellies® Little Angels
Yoga & Massage for Toddlers

Our Little Angels sessions are aimed at babies aged 10 to 36 months and allow caregivers and toddlers to continue the bonding process through yoga and dry massage routines. The postures are all named after animals and nature which helps introduce toddlers to the wider world in a fun and playful way.

These sessions are an excellent way of developing a toddler’s motor skills, focus, breathing and relaxation. Yoga also enhances their cognitive ability through postures, games, stories and rhymes. In Little Angels sessions, we encourage freedom of movement and our motto is “the room is your yoga mat!” The sessions are designed around the minds and bodies of mobile babies.

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